Skulldug! is a beer-and-pretzels exploration game where players race to collect 3 treasures and escape from an ancient and treacherous cave!

Players: 1-6 | Playtime: 45-90min | Ages: 13+


  • Discover a new cave with each playthrough – no two games are ever the same
  • Alter the passages on the board to trap and confound your foes
  • Collect powerful equipment and cursed treasures that change your explorer’s abilities
  • Encounter deadly traps and hungry monsters, then unleash them on your opponents
  • No player elimination means everyone is always in the running
  • Includes variant rules for solo and team play
  • Gorgeous pulp cartoon art from Ghia Mercado and Alix Branwyn


  • “I really enjoy the game. I like building the cavern, I like that it’s different each time, I like the cartoon nature of it, I like the idea that you have an army of your group waiting outside just waiting for someone to die and then ‘SEND ANOTHER ONE IN!'”
    – UndeadViking, UndeadVikingVideos
  • “This is a very smooth game… Despite playing the game many times, I have yet to feel like I am playing the same game. Each set up, reveal, and encounter is always different.”
    – Cyrus Kirby, Father Geek
  • “Watching an opponent slide on a grease smear into the maw of a cave denizen is priceless! …Skulldug is a great fit for virtually any game group or family.”
    – Luke Turpeinen, Across the Board Games
  • “Skulldug! gives you one of the most authentic “exploration” feelings in board gaming. Many of your decisions are completely blind – you could be walking to your doom as easily as walking to victory, and you just won’t know until the cards flip. It makes for an exhilarating and tense environment as you hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”
    – ‘Family Gamer’,